Coconut Milk Castile *cut pics*

Posted by Titanium Wild , 26 February 2011 10:21:00 pm

Gosh I love this soap, really, REALLY love it.

As you can see, there are lines going down the soap from where the dessicated coconut I placed on top has caught on the cutting blade, but that is a minor problem, IMHO. I honestly believe this is my favourite soap, so far.

Awaiting the arrival......

Posted by Titanium Wild 7:58:00 am

......of the Clary Sage essential oil I ordered is torture. I want it NOW godamnit!
Clary isn't an oil I've used before, but it intrigues me, so I took the chance and ordered some, along with my staple oil of lavender, which I couldn't be without.
I've read that Clary is a bit of a marmite oil, you either love, or detest the scent. I'm hoping it'll be the former!

Now, I have plans for this little beauty.
First and foremost, I have read good things about it's use in hair care products, so I hope to make a shampoo bar, and eventually a liquid conditioner. Clary is meant to strengthen hair, which would be great as mine is far too temperamental for my liking.
Clary will also hopefully have a role to play in helping me sleep. I'll be using it sparingly in this regard, but will report back with the results as soon as I've tried it out.

Can't wait for it to arrive!!

EcoSoy Aroma-melts

Posted by Titanium Wild , 23 February 2011 10:53:00 pm

Showing off my packaging for my aroma-melts.
I'm pretty happy with it, although I need to source some slightly larger organza bags as currently the 6 melts contained within  fit a littletoo snuggly inside.
Retailing at around £4 for 6 melts, these will be on sale in my Etsy store very soon.

I'm officially in love.

Posted by Titanium Wild , 22 February 2011 6:50:00 pm

With what you may ask?
Coconut cream.
Or, more specifically, my latest soap, a coconut cream Castille, scented with geranium, bergamot and mandarin essential oils.
Traditionally, a true Castille is made from simply olive oil, lye and water, and is known for it's unique feel which is due to the high oleic fatty acid content of olive oil. Some people, myself included, find this feel to be, um, slimy, and not overly pleasant. However, olive oil soaps are known to be incredibly mild, so, being stubborn by nature, I wanted to see if I could find an ingredient that would still keep to the traditional recipe as much as possible, but that would cut down on the slime factor somewhat!
Coconut cream was 'that' ingredient.

I made a small 4 bar batch, and am so glad that I did. What a beautiful soap it has turned out to be with a thick, lotion-like lather......and NO slime! As a bonus, it smells absolutely divine.
Usually Castille soap is cured, and considered much better for it, for months rather than weeks, as is the norm with other cold process soap.
With this in mind, I cannot wait to see just how good this lovely soap feels in around 3 months time.

uncut Castille fresh out of the mould.

Sweet darkness, envelope me.

Posted by Titanium Wild , 20 February 2011 6:27:00 pm

A very quick  post in honour of some fabulous Deviant Artists.

Feast your eyes upon this little lot.