Deviant Friday

Posted by Titanium Wild , 13 May 2011 7:55:00 pm

From here on in I'll be doing a feature entitled Deviant Friday, where the beautiful works of chosen artists will be displayed here. Each week the theme of the feature will change, highlighting artists using various media and subject matter.
As my main artistic interests lie with traditional media, this week will feature artists who work within this category, concentrating on paintings.

Feel free to go and browse the galleries of these artists and be inspired by their unique interpretations of their chosen subject matter.

Daughter of the Sea by loonaki

Miasma by riingo

Playing in the Heat and Cold by nibybiel

Manton by rpintor

From Formless Lips by

Redemption by greeneyedsiren

Horseportrait7 by jbconcept

Next week I shall be concentrating on digital artwork, specifically photomanipulation.

Oh, and whilst we're on the subject of Deviant Art, you can also find *my* gallery at Sleeping Dragon Art

Until next time :-)

Links of interest

Posted by Titanium Wild , 7 May 2011 11:34:00 pm

I've neglected both of my blogs of late so as I'm browsing the web using Stumbleupon I thought I'd share some of the links and pages I find along the way.

First up is a cute little project for reusing the various jars that we all end up having!
Book Page jars

Having been looking at alternative ways to display plants/flowers in my postage stamp sized garden, this next project struck a chord.
Tyre planter

Along a similar theme are these ideas for creating colour in your garden if, like me, you have limited space.
Spacially challenged

A plethora of crafty projects can be found at this lovely site.
A Little Hut

And lastly(because I'm off to bed in a sec!) a lovely way to transfer nature directly onto your art projects
Leaf and flower prints

Enjoy :-)

Posted by Titanium Wild , 2 May 2011 4:10:00 pm