I Avo Dream

Posted by Titanium Wild , 18 April 2010 10:20:00 am

My latest soapy offering, entitled 'I Avo Dream' in reference to the inclusion of avocado oil, avocado butter, and pureed avocado! Phew :D

Scented with sweet basil, peppermint, rosemary and a touch of litsea......the resultant scent is of mint humbugs, sweet, minty with a hint of something deeper from the sweet basil.

3 Response to "I Avo Dream"

Edith Says:

It's a gorgeous soap Beth and I love the name very well done and the frgarance mmm mmm

Polly Says:

Mmmmm, mint humbugs. I love them. And the soap looks lovely.

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Thank you, both of you, I really appreciate the comments (hug)

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