Pear cider + Ebay = Ooops!

Posted by Titanium Wild , 13 July 2010 11:40:00 am

....and first thing monday morning a package arrived containing some amla powder. Now, I vaguely remember skimming through ebay and spotting it, but I don't remember ordering and paying for it *roll eyes*. However, I had done just that, so Google was my next port of call to figure out what I was going to use it for, or rather how I was going to use it as I already knew it was used in hair products amongst other things.

Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, is an ayurvedic powder used in ancient Indian holistic medicine for both hair and skin care which contains a large amount of vitamin C. It has a spicey, sweet scent and is a dark beige colour. Reading various forums and articles gave me lots of inspiration for both formulating products, and self experimentation, so armed with amla tea(made by steeping amla powder in hot water for half an hour then straining) and an amla face mask(again, amla powder mixed with enough water to make a paste) I headed for the bathroom.

I used the amla tea as a rinse after washing my hair with one of my 'poo bars, then applied the mask and left it on for 15 mins whilst I lounged like a hippo in the water!
Having no personal experience of amla at all I really didn't know what to expect from either treatment. However, once dried, my hair was fabulously soft (almost too soft really as it was almost like baby hair), and my skin was quite taut but felt silky smooth, and still does this morning.

For now, I have more Googling to do, and much more scope for experimentation. In the meantime I resolve to stay away from Ebay post consumption of alcohol!!

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