Smoke and Mirrors

Posted by Titanium Wild , 9 March 2011 6:45:00 pm

Visually strong, yet very sensitive(much like the perfect man!), Smoke and Mirrors is the latest artisan creation from Simply Angelic. Made with 100% olive oil, with added coconut cream to boost the lather and further enhance the moisturising qualities of this soap, Smoke and Mirrors boasts an impressive array of natural ingredients including oatmeal, cocoa, cinnamon and charcoal powders respectively.

In the mould

The aroma of this very masculine soap comes from a carefully selected blend of pure essential oils including cedarwood atlas, patchouli, clary sage, sweet marjoram, and lavender(yes boys, there is a smidge of lavender in there, but don't worry, there's nothing girly about this scent at all.)
Having just washed my hands with a small sliver I took from the end of the loaf, I keep getting a faint waft of the fragrance as I type, and I have to say it is very lovely indeed.


9 Response to "Smoke and Mirrors"

Jennifer Young Says:

Oh my! This one looks Soooooo Original! I love it. xo Jen

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

those last 2 photo's i took turned out really well!

Lyn Says:

Wow this is artwork!!!! Beautiful Soap :0)

Amy Warden Says:

I love it! Very original indeed - from the name of the soap to the way the colors blend and the textures come together. Just beautiful, Beth.

Joanna Says:

Beautiful! It almost looks like a cross between a sedimentary rock and a dessert with a graham cracker bottom. Desserts (smelled or visually) start my inspirations. Your soap is really L.O.V.E.L.Y!

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Amy and Joanna, thank you so much. The scent, now the soap is beginning to cure, is just divine!

Cocobong Soaps Says:

Outrageously beautiful soap work!

Suzanne Says:

Stunning looking soap.

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