Ecosoy Aroma melts - how they're made.

Posted by Titanium Wild , 20 August 2012 1:52:00 pm

The actual making of the melts is a very simple process, but the fragrancing, that is something else.
Although the pictures that accompany this post focus on the physical process, the conceptual process begins with me putting on my mad perfumers hat on and grabbing a pad & pen, scribbling notes and sniffing various essential oils, all the time thinking of the type of aroma and ambient atmosphere I wish to create.

My latest 2 varieties, Auburn Angel, and Tuscana are both quite earthy, but each with it's own characteristics.....artisan melts with unique blends.

Auburn Angel is warm and sultry, spicy and enticing, with ginger and geranium the main act.

Tuscana evokes images of wandering aimlessly through Italian orange groves...sweet orange the top player here, supported by petitgrain and patchouli.

I choose not to colour my melts, I like them pure with natural fragrancing only.

Below are images of the finished products.

4 Response to "Ecosoy Aroma melts - how they're made."

Jennifer Young Says:

Hello! Sound dreamy... bergamot, geranium (a combination I love...) with GINGER? Wow! What are aroma melts? Are they for your bath? Your packaging is FABULOUS! xoxo Jen

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Hi Jen

Thank you so much for commenting, I love when people leave messages here.

The aroma melts are for using in oil burners to scent rooms in your home. You use one or two depending how strong you wish the aroma to be.
You can use them for scent alone, or to help create a particular atmosphere, romance or confidence or for helping you sleep etc.
They really are little gems, I love making them and using them too.

Beth xx

Lise M Andersen Says:

Just discovered your blog.. I'm an instant fan!!

Beth Millar Says:

Thank you so much Lise xx

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