I am officially stoopid!

Posted by Titanium Wild , 4 April 2011 11:09:00 am

I'd been meaning to make this particular soap for a while now, and had settled on a new look for it. So, I get all my ingredients weighed out, put together my essential oil blend of lavender, cedarwood, black pepper and clary sage, and set about putting it all together. Some tussah silk went into my lye water, coconut cream went into my oils and things were looking good.
The soap batter came to trace quite quickly(probably due to the cocoa butter I had included this time) and so I set aside a small portion of the batter to colour(I used a tiny amount of cocoa powder and some alkanet infused olive oil), added some soap chunks I'd cut up from another batch to the main portion, and proceeded to  mix them in.

I then placed half of the main portion into the mould( a cute little Really Useful Box I'd bought in town over the weekend), poured a smidge of the coloured portion ontop of that, than added the rest of the batter, followed by a swirled layer of the remaining coloured soap.
As well as the chunks I'd cut up previously, I'd also made up some soap curls using a potato peeler.

So they were placed at specific intervals on the top of the soap. It looked great.
BUT, what I'd forgotten to do, and swore profusely at myself for, was add the dam essential oils!!
One was most definitely NOT amused.
At all.
I didn't want to ruin my visual masterpiece(pfft), so had no other option but to leave it scent-sually nekkid.
Damn. Blast. Buggeration.

*and breath*

I wrapped my nekkid soap up and popped it into the airing cupboard to encourage it to gel. The very last thing I wanted was a partial gel as that would have had me inconsolable.

Anyway, this is what my nekkid Fools Gold soap looks like.

Time for me to go sit alone, in the corner, sporting a very big  dunce cap.......

7 Response to "I am officially stoopid!"

Cocobong Soaps Says:

I dare say there is not a soaper around that this hasn't happened to. Nekkid soap is looking mighty dandy anyway. Worry not, there are lovers of the nekkid soap (I am one of them)

Splurge Sisters Says:

This soap looks lovely and someone who loves unscented soap will get a nice looking soap. Yes, I think everyone has done this at one point or another.

Anonymous Says:

Been there and done that. More than once. It just shows how focused you were on your design. (At least, that's how I justify it to myself when I do it!) ;-) Fear not, it's still a beauty!

Amy Warden Says:

Welcome to the club!! It is definitely beautiful soap!

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Aw, thank you ladies, you have made me feel better about my little mistake!

Ann Stoermer Says:

I've done it too...so frustrating. It turned out beautifully though! I agree, everyone likes to be nekkid once in a while. ;)

Jerri Neddermeyer Says:

Nekkid is beautiful! New follower, from a blog attached to a blog hooked to a link! I follow you BECAUSE you poat your mistakes, in all their beauty!

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