Someone Like You

Posted by Titanium Wild , 7 April 2011 11:05:00 am

Aside from making soap, and occasionally picking up a pain brush, one of my other loves in life is music. It will always be a regret that haunts me that I never had the balls to follow my dream and take up singing as a career. I'm not saying I'd have been any good at it, but there's so much you can say with a song, so much emotion you can convey with a piano and a pure, unadulterated voice.
For me, this song here, by Adele, is everything a song should be. It's beautiful, it's pure, and it's not bolstered by any fancy tricks. It doesn't need any bolstering. It simply is.


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Amy Warden Says:

She has a very beautiful voice - and you're right, the song is very moving!

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