The Arty Soaper

Posted by Titanium Wild , 1 March 2010 10:04:00 pm

So, now I've come to posting this introduction to my blog, I'm suddenly lost for words. The problem lies with trying to describe who, or rather what, I am. Am I an artist who makes soap, or a soaper with artistic ambitions? I suppose I am a bit of both. Painting is something I love, something I dream about, something I wish I was better at. Making soap is something I love, something that keeps me busy when my artistic muse is taking a break, something that still allows me to be creative when I get the jitters looking at a blank piece of paper and am too scared to proceed.

I haven't painted anything for almost 2 years, and getting back in the saddle is proving to be a challenge.

I last made a batch of soap a few days ago, and am already thinking about what I can do to improve my recipe, improve the finished article, make it better.

There are parallels there. 

So, until I decide what, and who, I am, I'll describe myself as The Arty Soaper, and take it from there. 

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Celine@Soaperstar Says:

I completely believe that you can be a soaping artist. I don't like to use moulds that give a predefined shape/size/design. I like to use my rectangular moulds and create something inside that shape - I can try to control what happens within that shape but sometimes the soap decides for itself. What I love is that each slice is different from the next - each a practical piece of artwork in itself.

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

I think that's why I find soap making so intriguing. Both art and soap making are organic processes that develope as you go along. There are occasions where your vision does not play itself out, but it's all a learning experience, and I love it :)

Dreaming Tree Soapworks Says:

Soap making to me is my other artistic outlet, it's a bit of practical alchemy/artistry and like a pencil to paper with soap your only limit is your imagination and you get to encompass more than one sensation. Not only can you have something beautiful to look at, you can touch it feel it, and create or complement the artistry and the mood with the scent. I understand the challenge of getting back into the saddle of painting. It used to be my one and only passion, after a tragic event I stopped painting for almost five years now, the process of soap making satisfied that creative urge and only now am I getting back to the canvas.
All the best!

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