Butt-Ugly Bloke soap

Posted by Titanium Wild , 24 March 2010 9:59:00 pm

That is, the soap is ugly, it's not meant for Butt-Ugly blokes *giggle*

The good news is, I successfully produced a batch of hot process soap.
The bad news is, damn that soap is U-G-L-Y!!

I used green tea as my liquid, and because I'm stoopid, I forgot that it would render the resultant soap a very dark shade of brown. I also used chromium green iron oxide powder, and, again, because I'm STOOPID, used too much *slaps self*.

The scent is very manly........sweet fennel with lime, and a touch of may chang.

It is very definitely Bloke soap. Green and brown Bloke soap. Pfft!

I haven't any pictures of the soap in it's cut state, but DO have some of the process, and the soap hibernating in it's mould.

I sprinkled the top with crushed fennel seeds, just to add to it's already aesthetically challenged appearance.

I'll add cut pictures tomorrow, when I've got over the trauma of producing such horrific soap! lol

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