Posted by Titanium Wild , 22 March 2010 3:28:00 pm

My latest adventures in soap making have not been worthy of recording in print, and the only reason this latest batch is being blogged about it because I felt I needed to have something to show as
I'm far too embarrassed to post pictures of the croap I've made on the last two occasions! Having become somewhat frustrated by soap making I had to try to salvage something from the failed batch, so incorporated the grated croap, (below), into this batch. It was meant to be a shampoo bar made using the hot process method....PAH!

I had failed miserably at my first attempt at the hot process method(honestly, how hard could it be?), being a die hard cold process gal, and because I'm stubborn to the core I decided that I NEEDED to atleast try to save face and produce something worthy of being called soap!
I'd received through the post the Blue Azulene colour I'd bought from Aromantic and decided to use that to colour a portion of batch. I also added a touch of Blackstar Red mica, something else that is new to me.
Ofcourse, as was befitting the theme of the last week, the batch seized on me, and I didn't have the opportunity to scent it(shame, as I love the lavender/peppermint combo I'd planned), but I was happy with the save, and glad that I hadn't totally lost the plot where soapmaking was concerned! The coloured portion ended up a granite grey, which isn't unpleasant. I'm just dying to find out how the Azulene colour behaves on it's own, so as soon as I find my notes on ocean type scent combinations using essential oils I'll (hopefully) have a new batch to show :)

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Dreaming Tree Soapworks Says:

I've found when trying something new only try one new thing at a time i.e. if you're trying hot process use a tried and true cp recipe with a fragrance blend you are familiar with or if you're using a new colorant use a tried and true recipe or fragrance oil with it. Coloring hot process soap gets iffy, it just never comes out as pretty as it's CP counter part. No worries sometimes there are happy accidents!!! Oh and my ultimate re-batch trick to get a smoother appearance out of it is to use some sort of milk instead of a water, it comes out almost normal if the soap in question isn't to old at the time. But I love the fluffy tops on this one looks like gloriously rich and fluffy lavender frosting!

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Thank you :D I must admit I do suffer from idiotitis.......I am so incredibly imaptient too, which doesn't help!

Next time I need to rebatch I'll use some milk....would coconut milk work?

Dreaming Tree Soapworks Says:

Oh I understand, I'm impatient too but thats why I've also had soap explode in the fridge :) Coconut milk and any other milk works!

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Crikey! Exploding do know that now there's a part of me that is VERY intrigued LOL.

Excellent, as I love coconut milk, it's such a great additive.

Anonymous Says:

I dislike rebatch as well. Here are some of my tips because I am a very impatient soaper when it comes to rebatch. Grate it finer, add a little more water/liquid. Put it in a plastic bucket or pyrex jug and microwave it then stir and spritz it with water as you stir. Microwave it again if not all soft enough or use a slow cooker but microwave the soap if the slow cooker is too Other way is to lightly heat the soap in the microwave(it does not need to be ground up), add some water via a sprayer as you go if needed and then lay it out on the table and smash it with a rubber mallet, keep pounding it and folding it and pounding it until it gets smooth and pliable like dough. You can add clay into it lightly at each folding to create a marbelling effect. Then roll/form it into balls.

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Thanks Sharon, I really appreciate your help :) I will have to try that method and make some soap balls.

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