Whipped body butter

Posted by Titanium Wild , 22 March 2010 3:58:00 pm

There's something to be said for covering yourself in something delicious knowing that you've made it yourself. A sense of achievement, of pride. Well, this body butter is MY something delicious, and I am so so so happy with it.
Usually shea butter behaves badly and goes all grainy and unco-operative on me, so instead of heating it and holding at that state for around 20 minutes, I heated up, using the bain marie method, my other oils and butters(walnut and chia seed oils, and avocado butter) until the avocado butter had melted, then added my shea and used the heat of the other oils to melt it.
I have to say that the resultant butter is utterly glorious. It's light and fluffy, the shea hasn't(touches wood) gone grainy, and it smells divine. I scented it with lavender and cedarwood essential oils and oh my, sensory heaven.

Here is my little pot of wondrous, whipped delight.

4 Response to "Whipped body butter"

ScentsationsHC Says:

It looks very tempting.Also I love cedarwood.Hope it keeps well and still looks as wondrous in the morning. It really does look like a complete success.

Holly Says:

Beautiful and deliciously creamy!

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Thank you, both of you. It was just nice to make something that turned out as it should! lol

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Little update on the body butter. It stayed in it's creamy state, no grains, no weird happenings, just gloriously dreamy body butter, that's now nearly all gone!

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