Experimental bath whip

Posted by Titanium Wild , 1 May 2010 9:51:00 pm

Experimental bath whip, originally uploaded by simplyangelic2010.

I'm so so excited, and terrified about this product as I haven't a clue if it'll work out, but you don't know if you don't try, eh?
It's basically a kind of rebatch, with additional liquid and oils added, fragrance added after the rebatch, therefore you use less.
It's whipped, whipped, then whipped some more!

I'm also trialling the packaging, so in effect this experiment is twofold......ooh, exciting stuff *giggle*

8 Response to "Experimental bath whip"

Celine Blacow Says:

It looks creamy delicious and I love the packaging, sort of reminds me of an ice cream tub...was that the effect you were going for? Lovely! What's it fragranced with?

Celine Blacow Says:

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Carmel Says:

the texture has been perfect. congratulations

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beadsandmorebylois Says:

Hi thank you for joining in with the blog hop again! That whip looks lovely! Maybe I'll see you over on the forum x Lois x

Mrs Plans and Presents Says:

Hi thank you for joining in with the blog hop! That whip looks lovely and luxurious for the skin! Maybe we see you over on our new website and forum x

Bubble Works Says:

I would like to see how yours turns out. I have now given up on the idea....it keeps turning lumpy and hard after a week or so and I have been pulling my hair out about it. Packaging is also difficult....whatever you do, do NOT put it into an olds shower gel bottle thinking you can squeeze it out.....

Soap, fairies, and everything in between Says:

Celine, I didn't scent it as I didn't want to waste any EO's on something that might fail.

I used a salt bar in this case.
Ratio of ingredients

1 x grated salt bar, 2 x water, 1 x oils/butters, and it remained a consistent, erm, consistency lol

It did work well, and I have 2 other versions, same ratios just different ingredients....used some charcoal in one and my son loves the thought of washing with black soap!

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