Have you ever been drawn to something......

Posted by Titanium Wild , 8 May 2010 11:51:00 am


Browsing on Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's site Shadowscapes tarot I came across this image

I don't know why this card called me....there are so many beautiful images on there, so many bright colours to be bewitched by, so why this fairly monochrome, simple image?

The meaning given for this particular card is 

"Exploration, seeking out the uncharted, expanding horizons, taking a long view, leadership"

 I can imagine myself standing there, on the precipice, surveying all around me, starring with wonder into the distance, feeling totally calm, at peace. 
If you believe in tarot and the meanings behind it you'll perhaps tell me it's a sign. If not, maybe you'll tell me it's simply coincidence that I'm at a cross roads in my life and just happened to find this image.
Whatever the explanation I find myself looking into the future with a certain clarity that wasn't there before.

Spooky, eh?

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